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Beerography Custom Growler Collection- Artist Spotlight on Myles Lohman

Personalized beer growler engraving by Sigil and Growler

Myles Lohman is a phenomenal Vancouver illustrator and the artist behind our Typography inspired Beerography custom growler collection.  We teamed up with Myles to create four wicked designs that express our love for craft beer and the warm fuzzy feels we get after a fresh growler fill. 

640z personalized and etched beer growler by Sigil and Growler

Each one of our custom growlers are perfectly etched and made to order in our Vancouver studio.  As always, you can add a personal message or name for that touch of customization. 

Hailing from Vancouver Island, Myles' goals have always revolved around gaining the knowledge and skills to display his artwork on all surfaces, primarily people's skin. In 2013, after completing his graphic design diploma, Myles began freelancing in his field and gained a deep love for letters. Myles has been living off his lettering and sign painting ever since and is currently working as shop hand with Funhouse Tattoo in Vancouver, BC. 

Myles is one of the first illustrators to join our featured artist collection, and his offerings do not fail to impress! His Beerography growler collection interweaves delicate letter work with playful flourishes and quotes that are sure to put a grin on any craft beer lover's face, perfect for any brew. Here's just one peek at the bubbly charm one can expect from his engraved growler series:

Personalized beer growler gift designs by Sigil and Growler

See more of Myles' work here or see his latest work on Instagram.

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