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Artist Spotlight: Tom van der Lee!

Personalize a growler with your own image


Hey folks! Meet Tom Van der Lee, Vancouver illustrator extraordinaire and artist for two of our house growler collections, now available for customization by you. 

Tom is a professional illustrator known for a keen eye towards the mystical and ominous. Born and raised in the Vancouver area, he graduated Emily Carr with a BFA in the spring of 2015, and has been working under the creative wing of Sigil & Growler as a graphic designer since. 

Tom's collections are some of the first to join the Sigil & Growler ranks, with two collections already available through our site and more soon to follow.

His first collection, A Taste of Tarot, features dark surrealistic spins on some of the more infamous cards in the tarot set, such as Death and The Lovers - perfect for imbuing your custom growler with ethereal charm.

As always, you can customize any of our growler designs with your own message on the front or back of your growler or create a completely personalized growler with your own design

His second collection, What's Your Sign? is a more recent addition to our catalogue offering a fresh take on the cosmic mysticism of the zodiac that is sure to put stars in your eyes.  

Zodiac Custom Growler Collection by Sigil and Growler
You can  find a larger collection of his work on his facebook page.

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