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The Growler: Where did it get its Name? An Origin Story.

Personalized and engraved growlers for groomsmen gifts

So, you've come to our site in the hopes of ordering a swanky, knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark custom engraved growler! But have you ever wondered the origins of the growler itself?

Back in the 1800's, before such wondrous innovations such as the glass bottle and the aluminum can, draught beer was transported home by whatever container was made handy. 

The most common choice was a galvanized or enameled pail, which the bartender would pour their concoction into and which the patron would then carry back to their dwelling.

This act of transporting the beer home would cause it to sloth around inside its container, releasing carbon dioxide as it did so, and reluctantly would cause the container to let out a low growling sound. It is thought that this is where the growler gets its name.

As time wore on, the growler would evolve to take many forms. During the 1950's-1960's, pails were no longer seen as appropriate for transporting beer to and fro, and as such a more practical waxy-cardboard growler was adopted.

This waxy innovation, however, was soon replaced by a more aesthetically appealing, plastic, prepackaged option. For a while, it seemed that the death of the growler was at hand.

It wasn't until 1989 that this began to change. Charlie Otto of Otto Brother’s Brewing Company, eager to find a new spin on how to market his homemade beer to those who wanted to take it home with them, came up with the wily idea to offer them in refillable glass containers.

But it wasn't just the glass growler that Charlie Otto brought to life with this vision; with his marketing smarts, he also thought to silkscreen his company name onto each container. And with this, the early roots of the custom glass growler were eagerly planted in the soil of modern microbrewing.


Which brings us to today! With technological advancements of the 21st century under wing, personalizing a vessel for one's brew has never been as polished or easy.

Sigil & Growler has adopted the fine-tuned process of laser engraving in order to provide stylized growlers with an ensured level of quality and permanence never seen before.

With interest in craft beer booming more than ever, it seems befitting that the sophistication of the vessels that house these delicious fluids continue to evolve alongside it.

To that, we say cheers!


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