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What Design do I use for My Custom Engraved Growler?

What should you engraved on your personalized growler?

People come to us with general concepts in mind, but have a hard time translating that certain feeling into that perfect image on their custom growler.  Others approach us with no distinct idea at all, simply desiring to make their engraved growler the perfect gift for someone special.

We've included some tips you'll find helpful in your creative process of finding and picking the perfect image for your growler. 

Take your core concept and limit it to 3-5 exact words

By considerably reducing the terminology that may be floating around your early vision, you can more easily filter down to the perfect image for your custom growler.

Once you have your key terms in mind, try combining them in different orders and see if any pictures come to mind! Chances are, you'll be craft-brewing up the right image in no time.

Look online for resources/references/inspiration

No matter how unique your concept may seem, chances are that a good number of other folks out there have given the same idea a spin of their own. In such a hyper-connected world, there is no shame in fine-tuning your approach to your design by scoping out the works of those before you.

Tumblr and Instagram both make for excellent resources in this process (remember to search for those aforementioned keywords with a hashtag in front!).

If you're outside the social media sphere, try your hand at simple google images search of your keywords in "quotations", accompanied with terms such as "design", "illustration", or "vector".

We've listed some other great resources below:

Choosing Your Font for your custom growler


Font Squirrel

Choosing Your Vector Artwork for your custom growler


Free Vector Archive

Free Vectors Daily

Vector Open Stock

If you're still stuck on a design/want to browse something pre rendered and with a delicious craft brew already in mind, take a peruse through our featured collections

Sigil & Growler is a proud partner with an ever-growing crowd of exceptional artists, whose unique styles and articulate visions bring some serious flare to the table. Check out their collections and you're sure to find something to your tastes. 

Sigil & Growler Designer Collection of engraved growlers

Looking for something a little simpler for your engraved growler? Our full pattern collection is a great way to incorporate simple textures with a personalized message. 

Full pattern custom engraved growler collection

Make sure your image is properly prepared for submission

We can engrave near-any design you can think up, but getting it ready for inscription does require a bit of specific prep work - specifically, we ask that it be a black and white vector or a high resolution black and white image.  

When sourcing your images, make sure to steer away from photographs, heavily pixelated (low-res) images, and anything dependent on colors or greyscale tones.  When in doubt, a black and white line-drawing is always the best bet. 

With these tips in mind, you should have your perfect design ready in no time! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. 

Cheers, and hoppy brewing!

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