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A brief history of the Sigil

Custom growlers personalized by Sigil and Growler

Hello, fellow brewers and beer lovers! We'd like to enlighten you as to the nature and history of the sigil (something we happen to take our name after, if you hadn't noticed). Perhaps this little history lesson will invoke a certain spark of inspiration in some of you as you head towards your final custom growler design.

Like the many symbols and etchings that wind up on our engraved growlers, the sigil is a simple visual token of a much greater concept. A powerful glyph of enchanted properties, the sigil has been around for as long as human beings have been carving lines with intent of spiritual meaning.

Much like the symbol, sigils represent a core concept, but a key difference is that a sigil is meant to seal in that concept with a definitive intent.


A familiar use of Sigil used in one of our favorite shows

Now, this all may sound rather lofty or complicated, but as it just so happens, creating a sigil of your own is in fact an incredibly easy and satisfying affair! Check out the quick step-by-step below.

Step 1: Set your intent. This is the most important step. Write down a message to yourself or another that expresses the desire which you want rendered in sigil form. For our purposes here, we'll use the example RIDE A VELOCIRAPTOR 

Step 2: Remove the vowels and repeated letters. In our example above, this would then become RDVLCPT

Step 3: Combine the remaining letters into a symbol. For those artistically inclined, a big squiggly jumble is one option. On the other hand, if illustration isn't your strong suit, assigning numbers to each letter and then graphing them is another way to go! 

Still sound a bit complicated? Sigilscribe is an excellent resource that offers a very simple, automated app that does all of the graph work for you. For example, here's our sigil from earlier!

(not too shabby!)

And Voila! You have your first, very own, specially-imbued sigil. Whether you see it as a visual manifestation of something abstract yet close to heart, or a reminder of something to strive towards, this newfound image has the capacity to house seriously potent power - so long you choose for it to. And what better way to cherish and reflect upon this newly invoked intent, than with sip after sip of a delicious brew?

Like an ancient genie in a lamp (or djinn in a bottle if you're a real history buff), the symbols engraved into our custom growlers can be seen as representing a potent and purposeful energy sealed within.
We believe that as with all things in like, you should invoke your craft beer with the spirit and meaning it deserves. With that in mind, we hope that you'll go forth and summon something extra special in the world today. (and maybe, just maybe, that something special will wind up engraved on a fine, brand new growler.)

Hoppy crafting!
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