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New! Custom Engraved and Personalized Kombucha Growler Collection

Custom engraved kombucha growler design

Not only are growlers the perfect vessel for storing frothy goodness, they also come in handy when it comes to the fermented the bubbly goodness that is Kombucha! Since it has become a popular beverage of choice for many health aficionados, we decided it was time for our own custom engraved Kombucha growler collection.

Kombucha is given it's fizzy and sour flavour through the bacteria, scoby, which is left in the tea for a long period of time aka the fermentation process. Although Kombucha seems to be a recently introduced, it dates back 2000 years to ancient China when it was thought to ward off Cancer. Nowadays, this bubbly drink used to cleanse your gut and alleviate any stomach issues. All in all, a great beverage of choice to fill up your custom engraved growler with!

Check out our five brand new Kombucha growlers from our most recent artist collection.

Kombucha Queen

Give you or a friend the title of Kombucha queen through their very own custom engraved growler. The mystical moon on the growler, in many cultures, is associated with women often in the form of goddesses.

Kombucha King

For the ultimate lover of Kombucha, this growler is their trophy. Featuring a magical sun illustration, this growler represents strength and power.

reusable engraved kombucha growler with design 

In Kombucha We Trust

Kombucha is the trust worthy beverage to cleanse your gut and sooth digestion. Show your appreciation for the fizzy tea with your own custom engraved growler.


The lotus flower is a symbol of purity from its ability to rise from murky waters in the morning and be completely clean. This mandala inspired design will be sure to turn heads at the Kombucha fill station!

Kombucha Logo

Make your growler official with it's very own custom Kombucha logo. Personalize this design with your name and text of choice. Your growler will be sure to stand out!

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