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Lunar Frequency Growler


Gargantuan or microscopic, all things pass through cycles. Our moon is no stranger to this, as the light cast upon its speckled surface pulls it forth from the dark only to timely cast it back once again.

Like a lighthouse in the void, its ebb and flow of illumination brings us a shifting frequency of light to guide us even in the darkest of hours.

  The moon, a luminous basin to be endlessly filled and refilled, is a timeless reminder of the many vessels we surround ourselves with.

From full to empty to full once again, this custom engraved growler is sure to provide your evenings with many light-filled memories and of course, delicious craft beer.

Included with your growler:

-Crisp, clean, and clear engravings
-Burlap growler pouch
-Tag and care instructions
-Engraved acrylic coaster
-Engraved growler cap


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